Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Golden Circle Concept

In class we watched Simon Sinek's TED talk titled, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action", and from this we learned about the concept of the golden circle:

  • Why =  "Why" deals with your core beliefs and could also correspond with the "high concept" behind why you wanted to create the project in the first place. This is a more abstract idea and appeals to the part of the human brain that does not respond to words, but rather, motivates people to take action.
  • How =  "How" deals with the process of how you do what you do and could also correspond with the technology you want to use to create the project. This is usually where students start when coming up with project ideas and encompasses a large portion of what is taught in the lab portions of classes.
  • What =  "What" deals with what you do, or in our case the end project you want to develop. It is the tangible result of your project and is very commonly where most people start when coming up with project ideas.  
  • (This text comes from Prof. Beth Lykins' assignment blurb.)

In applying this concept to my capstone project, let us start with my capstone project key word: developmental. Does "developmental" answer the what or how of my project? No, not really; it answers the why.

I chose the term "developmental" to describe my overall project because I want my project to be developmental both for me and for others. Developmental describes the purpose and motivation to my project; synonyms include "educational" or "enlightening". This goes along with a core conviction of mine: helping and teaching other people. This is a purpose important to me, which I can see evidenced in my 3 years of mentoring international students at IUPUI.

Because developmental answers the why of the golden circle, I find myself working from the inside out.

By working from the inside out, I hope to have a solid foundation for my project and purpose, and to be confident that I can maintain project passion because I have this solid purpose.

Personally, what I hope to get out of my project is a sense of pride and completion. I want my project to be purposeful and educational to me and others; it should be developmental. I can't wait to feel that sense of completion, knowing that I have finished my bachelor's degree at last--and I hope that with a good project I can leave my undergraduate years behind feeling proud of what I have created and knowing that I have made a positive impact on others.

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